You’ve Got Three Great Options for Teeth Whitening, Jacksonville!

One of the most dramatically effective ways to improve your overall look is teeth whitening. Jacksonville’s Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers you three different ways to get a gleaming smile. Choose the best one for you depending on your budget, schedule and goal for your new look.

Over the years, even the best cared-for teeth absorb stains from food, drinks and cigarettes or cigars, gradually becoming darker shade by shade. You’re left with a lackluster smile that just doesn’t live up to your outgoing personality or your sleek, professional image. To help make sure your smile matches your image and outlook, consider one of three very different procedures for teeth whitening.

Jacksonville-area locals are an active crowd – too much fun in the sun to be had, so a long wait in the dentist’s office may not fit many schedules. For the constantly on-the-go set, our Zoom2 one-hour whitening technology is a favored choice. Using a bleaching solution activated with a strong light, we can give patients a bright new smile in an amazingly short time. And results can be enhanced when combined with the whitening tray option.

If you’ve got a little more patience, you may want to try our Day-White tray option for teeth whitening. Jacksonville patients choosing this option get great results at a lower cost than the one-hour alternative. The procedure involves applying a bleaching solution into custom-made trays made just for you and wearing the trays for about 30 minutes a day over two weeks. You’ll begin to see an improvement within a few days and by the end of the second week, you’ll have a dazzling new smile.

Some patients need more than traditional systems for teeth whitening. Jacksonville dentists often see patients whose teeth have harsh stains caused by tetracycline, an ingredient in certain medications. If whitening trays or laser whitening treatments don’t work, we may recommend the Deep Bleaching Technique that combines in-office and home whitening procedures. Using a specialized tray and our proprietary bleaching formula, the Burgess Center is able to offer you the beautiful new smile that other dentists can achieve only by prescribing veneers.

To help decide which teeth whitening option is best for you, use our online appointment request form or call 904-273-3001.

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