Jacksonville Cosmetic Dentist Wants to Help You Make the Best First Impression

They say that first impressions are crucial in all types of scenarios, from job interviews to love connections. Jacksonville Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Eric Burgess of the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has helped hundreds of patients make their best first impression with expertly designed smile makeovers. Time and time again, patients’ new smiles have proven to be investments that paid off in numerous ways.

Research shows that attractiveness biases are prevalent in teacher evaluations of students, interviewer evaluations of college and job applicants, voter preferences for political candidates, even jury judgments in mock trials. People who are considered attractive are initially judged to be more intelligent, competent, sympathetic and healthier than those considered less attractive. These biases can have significant long-term impacts on a person’s life, career and chances for success.

A major factor of attractiveness is a person’s smile. A Jacksonville cosmetic dentist since 1996, Burgess has helped countless patients revamp their images with procedures that achieve straighter, whiter, more beautiful teeth. Get the radiant look – and the competitive edge – that you’ve always wanted. Call 904-273-3001 to schedule an appointment at the Burgess Center today.

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