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Jacksonville Children's Dentist

Thumb sucking is a very natural occurrence in infants and young children. Although an exact cause has never been identified, most children's dentists believe it may have stress-related causes. Nonetheless, thumb sucking is a relaxing activity and often precedes sleep. Due to peer pressure and the natural process of pediatric development, most kids cease thumb sucking around the time their permanent teeth begin to erupt. Since aggressive thumb sucking can cause problems with the alignment of your child's teeth, unwanted dental and mouth problems can develop if thumb sucking continues beyond age 6.

The first sign of bruxism (grinding of the teeth) often occurs when a parent notices a grinding sound as their child sleeps. In the most severe cases of nocturnal grinding, the child's teeth may actually loose length or become abraded from repeated cycles of teeth grinding. Some pediatric dentist think bruxism is related to the child's early physiological and social development including extrinsic situations like a parent's divorce. Other children's dentist believe grinding of the teeth may be directly related to child's attempt to relieve pressure that builds up in the inner ear at night (possibly sinus or allergy related).

Pediatric Orthodontics

Having the self-confidence to wear a natural smile can give added meaning to every phase in your child's life. In the past, this could mean years of wearing uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces. Many pre-teens and teenagers felt more embarrassed by the dental treatment than their crooked teeth. Fortunately, there have been major advancements in pediatric orthodontics that make corrections less physically and emotionally painful. Clear braces, such as Invisalign aligners, are far less noticeable and teeth can often be moved in about half the time. If you are interested in learning more about power braces, call us today at (904) 273-3001 to schedule an appointment for pediatric orthodontics in Jacksonville.

It is always better to be proactive with pediatric dentistry. Always discuss any concerns you might have about your child's dental development with a qualified pediatric dentist. Although the exact age for dental development can vary, listed below are the primary stages from infancy through young adulthood:

If you are interested in learning more about pediatric dentistry, power braces, Invisalign aligners or other clear braces, call us today at (904) 273-3001 to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville.