What Does ‘Impacted Wisdom Teeth’ Mean?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars, and most people do get them. Some, though, end up not being able to grow them out properly because the teeth are blocked by other teeth and can’t come all the way through the gum line. This can cause distress because of the possible damage it can cause the teeth impacting (blocking) the growth, and because of the other problems, it can cause.

wisdom teeth

3 Symptoms as Warning Signs of an Impact

Not sure if you’re fighting impacted wisdom teeth? Here are a few warning signs.

  • Inflammation – Swelling in the jaw or gums, redness in the gums, and inflamed gums are all signs that you may have impacted wisdom teeth. You may notice more than one area that is inflamed. That is because you have wisdom teeth coming in on the top and on the bottom of both sides of the back of your tooth line.
  • Tenderness and Bleeding Gums – Your gums may bleed because of being inflamed or because the wisdom teeth are irritating them. Bleeding gums may also be a sign of gum disease, and should be something you talk to your dentist about.
  • Bad Breath or a Bad Taste – These symptoms may also be signs of other problems, but either way you should tell your dentist about it so he can get to the root of the problem.

If you’re hitting the right age, and you haven’t yet had your wisdom teeth removed, keep an eye out for these symptoms as well as pain in the back of your mouth, headaches, or pressure anywhere in your mouth.

Source: https://www.centraldental.com/warning-signs-impacted-wisdom-teeth/

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