Professional Teeth Whitening

As the years go by, teeth tend to absorb stains from various foods and drinks and other things like cigarettes. Due to this absorption, without our knowledge, our teeth gradually turn a few shades darker. You’ve probably seen dozens of at home remedies for teeth whitening, however none of them come close to the results that can be achieved through our in office professional teeth whitening.

Our office offers three types of procedures to help give you the desired results you are looking for.

1. One Hour Whitening – This process uses the number one rated Zoom2 technology, which speeds up whitening and completes the entire treatment within one hour.

2. Two Week Home Whitening – This is a much lower cost option. We will provide you with custom made trays and an application of bleaching solution that you will use at home for about 30 minutes per day.

3. Deep Bleaching Technique – Through the combination of in-office and home teeth whitening procedures, along with a specialized tray system, we are able to maximize results. Following three to four weeks of treatment, our proprietary bleaching formulation produces excellent results.

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