How Diets Can Impact Dental Health

There are many factors that impact optimal dental health. Many people understand the role of actions like practicing good oral hygiene, not smoking or consuming alcohol excessively and obtaining routine care from a dental professional play in earning healthy teeth and gums. That said, fewer individuals might recognize how vital a part one’s diet can be. Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry invites interested parties to read the following short piece chronicling the correlation between diet and oral health.

Dental Health

Connection Between Food And Oral Health

When consumed in excess, certain foods and beverages have a tendency to erode a vital tooth component called enamel. This erosion is typically caused by a detrimental substance known as plaque. Plaque is comprised of undigested food particles and microbes like bacteria. Oftentimes, plaque morphs into a hard, sticky amalgamation that might precipitate potentially problematic issues, such as cavities, tooth decay and, in the most severe instances, tooth loss. Any of these maladies are capable of producing pain and making routine activities like speaking and eating a greater challenge.

Foods And Beverages Prone To Produce Excess Plaque

Arguably, foods and drinks containing high sugar concentrations are the biggest offenders. Sugar is notorious for damaging teeth and stimulating bacterial overgrowth. Ergo, individuals should avoid or greatly limit their intake of items like soft drinks, dessert items and candy.

Foods And Beverages Beneficial To Oral Health

Dairy Products

The high calcium concentrations that most dairy products contain make said edibles important dietary components of optimal oral health. Calcium helps strengthen the bone and other tissues teeth are comprised of. Moreover, products like yogurt and cheese contain enamel-boosting nutrients like protein and probiotics, which are helpful bacteria that counter the potentially negative impact of harmful pathogens.


The consumption of various fruits and vegetables, especially apples, carrots, and celery are rife with bacteria-eliminating nutrients known as antioxidants.


These well-known nuts are about the best type of tooth-benefitting food one could consume. Said products are possess elevated protein and calcium concentrations and are comprised of diminished sugar levels.

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