Cutting Edge Technology for Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville

New Dental Technology

We have witnessed exciting developments in cosmetic dental technology of late, much to the delight of any person looking for a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville. As more and more people realize it is possible for them to regain their natural smiles, the need to provide efficient solutions has resulted in new technologies. Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville believe your comfort, your safety, enjoyable dental experience and continued excellent health are the objectives of these technological advances. Let us take a look at two of the benefits of these new advances.

Less Exposure to radiation

Traditional film-based X-rays are on their way out and in their place digital radiographs. This new technology results in less exposure to radiation. The picture is instantaneous and shows more detail for the cosmetic dentist. What’s more, the picture can be stored in a computer system for future reference. This new technology also means your visit to the cosmetic dentist is quick and comfortable.

With Intraoral Cameras, You Become Part of the Dental Team

This new technology allows the patient to follow the whole process by means of intraoral cameras. You can see inside your mouth, by way of a video screen, during both treatment planning and examination. It allows you to have input in the procedure and helps produce the desired result. Using fluorescence, these cameras can pick up concealed cavities and emerging decay, enabling your cosmetic dentistto take preventive action.

A summary of technologies and services include among others:

·       Computer Smile Imaging

·       Intraoral Camera

·       Tomography Digital X-Rays

·       Advanced Cavity Detection

·       A Laboratory

·       One-Day Dental Implants

At the Burgess Center we use the latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry. Our solutions to your dental needs are fast, efficient, professional and of the highest quality in Jacksonville.  Contact us today!

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