Fact or Myth?

Myth: “No need to take care my infant’s teeth – they’re all going to fall out anyway.”

Fact: Good dental hygiene isn’t just about the teeth. It’s also about the gums. Failing to properly care for your baby’s teeth can set them up for problems with their permanent teeth or their bite. Plus, getting little ones in the habit of good dental care early on sets an important example that will serve them well all their lives.

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Hard Candy and Tooth Health

Though you probably know that sugar in candy is a not good for teeth, hard candies are especially harmful because we tend to hold them in our mouths longer. Also be aware that cough drops are often made with sugar, so make sure to brush after eating these.

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Premier Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville

Through the use of high quality porcelain veneers, crowns, tooth whitening and other cosmetic treatments, we can help you achieve a smile that doesn’t just look great, but feels great too. Call us today to schedule a consultation!


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How Long Are You Brushing?

On average, people spend approximately 48 seconds a day brushing their teeth. And while we’re glad everyone is brushing, 48 seconds is not long enough! The Academy of General Dentistry recommends spending at least 2 minutes brushing each and every time!


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Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville Beach

Porcelain veneers are a key item in cosmetic dentistry in Jacksonville Beach. They are thin shells of specially crafted dental ceramic, designed to cover the front portions of the teeth.  Their use restores dental health and appearance. Porcelain veneers are the best option for different kinds of cosmetic dentistry problems, including:

·       Chipped teeth

·       Cracked teeth

·       Stained or discolored teeth

·       Tooth gaps

·       Crooked teeth

·       Spaces between your teeth

Porcelain veneers are very sturdy and resistant to stains. A restorative procedure may be necessary if decay occurs around the porcelain veneer itself due to poor dental hygiene.

Some other types of Cosmetic Dentistry:

Gum Contouring

If you don’t like to see too much gum when you smile your cosmetic dentist can use laser dentistry to re-contour your gum tissue.  This will re-shape part of the gum and enhance the final look of your gum line. The procedure can be achieved in a few visits. New cosmetic dentistry technologies make the procedure fast and comfortable.

 Porcelain Bridges

The loss of a tooth may result in a large gap which not only distorts your smile but also creates problems for your dental health. To bridge the gap between the neighboring teeth a porcelain bridge is fitted to connect them. This will correct your smile, balance your bite and alleviate discomfort.  Crowns are created for the two neighboring teeth next to the gap and a prosthetic tooth is fitted between the crowns

To get in-depth information about porcelain veneers and how you can be benefit from them, be sure to contact us at the Burgess Center in Jacksonville Beach. We are leaders in cosmetic dentistry.

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Cutting Edge Technology for Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville

New Dental Technology

We have witnessed exciting developments in cosmetic dental technology of late, much to the delight of any person looking for a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville. As more and more people realize it is possible for them to regain their natural smiles, the need to provide efficient solutions has resulted in new technologies. Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville believe your comfort, your safety, enjoyable dental experience and continued excellent health are the objectives of these technological advances. Let us take a look at two of the benefits of these new advances.

Less Exposure to radiation

Traditional film-based X-rays are on their way out and in their place digital radiographs. This new technology results in less exposure to radiation. The picture is instantaneous and shows more detail for the cosmetic dentist. What’s more, the picture can be stored in a computer system for future reference. This new technology also means your visit to the cosmetic dentist is quick and comfortable.

With Intraoral Cameras, You Become Part of the Dental Team

This new technology allows the patient to follow the whole process by means of intraoral cameras. You can see inside your mouth, by way of a video screen, during both treatment planning and examination. It allows you to have input in the procedure and helps produce the desired result. Using fluorescence, these cameras can pick up concealed cavities and emerging decay, enabling your cosmetic dentistto take preventive action.

A summary of technologies and services include among others:

·       Computer Smile Imaging

·       Intraoral Camera

·       Tomography Digital X-Rays

·       Advanced Cavity Detection

·       A Laboratory

·       One-Day Dental Implants

At the Burgess Center we use the latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry. Our solutions to your dental needs are fast, efficient, professional and of the highest quality in Jacksonville.  Contact us today!

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Popular Procedures from Cosmetic Dentists in Jacksonville

Thanks to recent technological advancements in the dental industry, cosmetic dentists in Jacksonville are now able to provide their patients with state of the art cosmetic dental procedures. With so many advancements revolutionizing the dental industry, more and more people are now able to benefit from these advanced procedures. The new technology has completely transformed the way cosmetic dentists perform these procedures.

As competition enters the market, consumers can now find a bargain where cosmetic dentistry is concerned. This makes it much more widely available to patients who would like to benefit from these procedures and improve the appearance of their smiles.

Here are only a few of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available today:

•  Teeth whitening: This form of cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of your smile by brightening and whitening your teeth from staining and discoloration. Not everyone’s teeth will be able to withstand teeth bleaching, so it’s best to speak to your cosmetic dentist beforehand.

•  Veneers: Celebrities have made veneers popular. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell or composite material custom made for the patient and then cemented to the side of the tooth by the cosmetic dentist. Veneers are used to treat conditions such as discolored teeth, chipped or slightly crooked teeth or even as a way to cover spaces between teeth. It is an instant fix for many cosmetic dental problems and this has contributed to its lasting popularity.

•  Implants: The implants are used to replace missing teeth. This device is normally made from titanium and will be surgically placed into the patient’s jaw bone

For an affordable and professional cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, contact the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

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A Cosmetic Dentist in Jacksonville Can Do Reliable Teeth Whitening

The uncommon oil pulling technique has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley, who both reportedly practice oral oil pulling to keep their teeth white. Oil pulling involves swishing oil, usually sunflower or sesame oil, in your mouth for 10 to 20 minutes until it “pulls” the bacteria from your teeth. An article on the online journal Dentistry IQ dated March 27, 2014 sought to study the method’s efficacy, and notes a test between oil pulling versus a more typical mouthwash solution:

“Chlorhexidine mouthwash is often used to control gingivitis in clinical practice. A study by Asokan et al. evaluated the use of chlorhexidine and oil pulling therapy in the treatment of gingivitis. The study was a randomized, controlled, triple-blind study (2009). The study evaluated oil pulling on plaque-induced gingivitis. The effect of chlorhexidine used in the management of gingivitis is known. But in the Asokan study, oil pulling was found to be equally effective in controlling gingivitis. The advantages of oil pulling over chlorhexidine were the following:

  • No staining

  • No lingering aftertaste

  • No allergies to the product

  • Cost savings was five to six times more cost effective.”

While oil pulling has yet to be scientifically proven to actually clean and whiten teeth, that doesn’t mean whiter teeth has to remain a pipe dream. There are recognized and certified methods that can reliably whiten teeth, and most can be performed in-office by a dentist. Those interested in having their teeth whitened efficiently should see a local cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville for the best treatments.

Unlike oil pulling and its supposed antibacterial properties after several swishes, an in-office teeth whitening procedure is a lot more straightforward when it comes to the processes involved. Dentists will first cover parts of your mouth to protect it, then coat your teeth with a whitening bleach, which is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The solution is then left to cure on your mouth for about 30 minutes to an hour with a strong light or laser.

In-office teeth whitening works because the bleaching agent works deep within a patient’s tooth, breaking down the stains from within. Such procedures are only possible with a professional cosmetic dentist in Ponte Vedra, such as the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. As a safer alternative, you should consult with dentists and consider proven treatments first before you try alternative methods for whitening.

(Source: Oral Exam: Oral Oil Pulling, dentistryiq.com, March 27, 2014)

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Jacksonville Beach Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic Earns Positive Reviews.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (April 7, 2014) – The Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, a noted Jacksonville Beach cosmetic dentistry clinic, has received positive clients reviews hosted in business tool website DemandForce. About 99.2% of customers who provided feedback in the business communication platform have stated that they would refer the practice to their friends and family.
The private practice has received several commendations from patients, especially returning clients, for their services which include general dentistry, teeth whitening, ceramic crowns, porcelain veneers, and other aspects of cosmetic dentistry in Ponte Vedra and surrounding areas. Diana F, a customer since 2012, wrote, “On time and professional and polite and courteous and everyone has a smile. So in addition to a great place to have dental appointments, it must be a great place to work.” 
Another client, Catherine H, noted the friendly approach of the staff that made her feel at ease. She responded, “Very professional and helpful, answering all questions thoroughly. The stint procedure I had on this visit was completed with no pain and the results seem to be as expected. I highly recommend this dental group.”
Keith M said he was impressed with the professionalism and quality of work of Dr Burgess and his dental assistants. “No matter how complex the procedure or how potentially painful, I am always surprised at how comfortable I am during my visit… This is the only dentist office that I have ever used where I actually look forward to my visits.”
The comfortable environment that The Burgess Center offers is another reason why their clients are giving them positive reviews online. The practice is praised for their prompt and professional service, given consistently to each and every client. The competence of the team, along with their approachable nature, helps clients look forward to their dental visits and makes them recommend the practice to their family and friends. 
According to the reviews, clients also appreciate learning more about the procedures and being involved in the step-by-step process as it makes them feel less intimidated by the dentist. They value the personalized and inviting experience given to them by the staff at the practice. 
To find out more about the company’s wide range of services and other promotions, visit www.BurgessCenter.com.
About The Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
For over 14 years, The Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry continuously strives to deliver top quality cosmetic dentistry procedures for healthy, brilliant smiles and is committed to provide exceptional oral health care to its patients.
Dr. Eric Burgess, a cosmetic dentist, founded the private practice in 1999.
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Cutting-Edge Dental Lasers Provide More Effective Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in Jacksonville

While laser treatments sound a bit frightening, the reality is that they are a minimal-discomfort option for many cosmetic dentistry procedures that offers Orange Park dentists and their patient’s exceptional results.

Unlike drills, which is primary reason most people avoid the dentist, lasers are quiet, incredibly accurate, quick and – very importantly – almost pain-free. In fact, most laser procedures require no anesthesia at all, so you don’t have to deal with the additional expense and recovery time you may otherwise expect. In addition, lasers are very hygienic and significantly reduce the chance of infection, helping you heal even faster.

The main way that lasers are used in cosmetic procedures is for soft-tissue shaping.Gum contouring, the process when gums are too low on your teeth and are reshaped to give you an even, proportionate smile, is made significantly easier through laser innovations. The Odyssey laser is the ideal piece of equipment for this process as it is very precise and minimally invasive, allowing patients to comfortably undergo this procedure and get the balanced smile they deserve.

As the laser works, it eliminates bacteria, keeping the surgical process exceptionally germ-free. As this equipment delivers concentrated bursts of light to remove unwanted tissue and cauterize surrounding tissue, there is usually no need for stitches to seal the wound. Healing from this procedure is faster than from tradition methods, although you will still have to follow certain precautionary advice, including avoiding brushing the affected area until it is fully healed.

For more information on laser surgery for cosmetic dentistry, please visit our website or contact us today. We’re always happy to help.

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